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Hey Friends! Thank you for reading my ministry blog this month!   October went by really fast and I think this was the first month that I really got into a routine with meetings, classes, studying, and everything else. At this point, you've heard about most of the stuff I do in a regular week at least once, so I figured I'd focus this blog more on what was special to this last month. This first picture is from the Northeast church in Wylie on Sunday morning. This specific community within the Northeast church body is connected to the Focus ministry at Collin College. All of the Focus pastors at Collin attend this church, so I began joining the Sunday morning zoom calls back in May. But since then we have started meeting in person again (outside and with safety measures of course). I've really loved getting to meet some of these people in person for the first time! Also, it's another opportunity to worship and participate in communion with a body of believers. I think we