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  Hey Everyone! Thank you for reading my ministry blog this month and supporting me financially and with prayer to be able to do ministry. It's been such a blessing to see God working in the lives of students (and my own) so I'm incredibly thankful for your generosity and your sharing of the same Kingdom vision that I have!       Picture time!      These pictures are all from doing outreach on campus this month. We were having a hard time connecting and engaging with students so I started setting up games and inviting students to play at a consistent time each week. This has been really neat so far! Already in the last month I've been able to meet many people that I wouldn't otherwise have a chance to because they don't have any other reason to hang out on campus. This month alone more than a few students have joined a core and are being poured into spiritually on a regular basis because the Spirit was working through these outreach events. This is so exciting to m