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Summer Newsletter

Hey there!  Here's my summer newsletter! I wanted to give you a better insight into the campus I'll be serving this next year and how you can be praying for me and the students that will be walking through the doors come August 23rd, since that's been my focus lately anyway.  Also, for those of you who have recently joined my ministry support team (or if you are continuing on since last year) -  Thank you so much for investing in the lives of college students and partnering with me in ministry for the next year! You are such a blessing to me as I literally couldn't be on campus without you backing me. I'm very grateful for your investment and I pray that God would work powerfully through our ministry to introduce many students to Jesus and make disciples out of the students who have already met Him. (from left to right: Sandra, Connor, Claire, Sirak, me!)     This is our Richland team for the year (except Connor will mostly be helping plant a ministry at another c