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  Hey everyone! Thank you for your support and for reading my blog this month. It's been such a blessing to see God working in the lives of students (and my own) so I'm incredibly thankful for your generosity and your sharing of the same Kingdom vision that I have!       At the beginning of the month we had a staff development retreat! Most students were home for the holidays so we had some extra time to get together as a staff and get to know each other more and prepare for the semester. I really enjoyed this time. The Focus staff really feels like another family for me, so it was awesome to get to spend extended time with them, which has been so hard to come by this year because of the pandemic. We spent a good chunk of our time together discussing this book called Money and Power by Jacques Ellul. If you want to read something that will shake up the way you think about using money, go read this and get back to me about it!     This is a picture one of our Collin Focus staff