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Hello! I hope you had a good February! Thanks for reading my blog for this last month. February was kind of a crazy month for all of us I think, you know with the week of rolling blackouts during the snowstorm and everything. For me, it seemed to fly by really quickly - I can't believe it's already March. Here are some of the special things that went on this month: 1. Core Core has been going really well this semester. Our little small group has been growing and I'm really excited for the rest of the semester with these guys. I'm already really impressed with how faithful they've been to meeting up with one another and how willing they are to engage in really meaningful conversations. I would appreciate you praying for the Spirit to be with us as we meet together and for all of us to live more like the Jesus we are learning about during core. Here's a picture from this semester: 2. Tuesday hang (weekly outreach event) Every week on Tuesday we've be