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April and May Ministry Update

Hey there! I hope you’re doing well! Things have been really busy around here as we wrapped up the school year and got prepared for the summer. My schedule is finally slowing down now so I wanted to give you a combined April and May update. This picture is from one of our last core meetings this year. I love these guys and I’m excited that they are becoming such good friends and growing so much. Also, here’s a fun fact: it down-poured and flooded this room right after we took this picture so we had to scram out of there. Three of my roommates: Paul (in blue), Adam (in maroon), and Casey (in gray) decided to dog-pile on Max, while I took a picture. I’m so thankful I got to live with these guys! They are such a fun group and have been good friends to me this year. This was taken just a week before Adam got married and moved out to live with his new wife, so he no longer lives with us, but the rest of us will be staying in the same apartment for this next year. This picture comes from one