I hope you had a good February! Thanks for reading my blog for this last month. February was kind of a crazy month for all of us I think, you know with the week of rolling blackouts during the snowstorm and everything. For me, it seemed to fly by really quickly - I can't believe it's already March.
Here are some of the special things that went on this month:

1. Core

Core has been going really well this semester. Our little small group has been growing and I'm really excited for the rest of the semester with these guys. I'm already really impressed with how faithful they've been to meeting up with one another and how willing they are to engage in really meaningful conversations.

I would appreciate you praying for the Spirit to be with us as we meet together and for all of us to live more like the Jesus we are learning about during core.

Here's a picture from this semester:

2. Tuesday hang (weekly outreach event)

Every week on Tuesday we've been hosting games and having conversations at the different Collin College campuses in order to invite more people into our ministry. In a normal year we would get to do a lot more of this and meet more people, but it's still important that we try our best and do everything we can this year. There are many people who are seeking the Lord or are a couple nudges away from seeking Him on campus even in a year like this.

Please be praying that we would be able to meet these people and be faithful, as a ministry, to be like Jesus to the student we meet.

I don't really have any actual pictures from these events because I suck at remembering to take pictures in general, but here's a very nice flyer someone made for it that includes my roommate Adam:

3. Snowstorm

The snow-apocalypse we had was a very interesting time. When my roommates and I didn’t have power it was stressful because there was a lot of uncertainty around when it would come back and since it wasn’t safe to travel much and we didn’t power it was difficult to figure out how to get a lot of the things done that I needed to do for what would normally be a busy week of ministry and classes. It ended up being a kind of Sabbath time for me, even if it wasn’t welcomed at first. I got to slow down for a few days and enjoy things I didn’t usually get to - like card games with my roommates.

I would greatly appreciate prayer that I would learn how to rest and slow down even in the hustle of a normal work week. I think for me that largely means surrendering my desire to be productive and to be perceived as productive by others.

Here’s a picture of me and my roommates trying not to freeze to death:

4. Pizza theology

Pizza theology, if you don’t already know, is a Focus event hosted once a semester where students are invited to come learn about Scripture and Jesus for an extended period of time and on a deeper level than can usually be achieved in any given week. It’s called Pizza theology because few students are showing up for a long teaching time if you don’t serve them pizza at some point.

This year we talked about how Christians should think about and use entertainment (since so much of our time is spent entertaining ourselves, we should consider how to live like Jesus in this area of our lives).

Please pray that our community would grow in using entertainment in a Godly way and that our students would learn to compare their lives to the life that Jesus lived.

Here’s some pictures of our Collin ministry watching it together and hanging out during a pizza break:

Thank you so much for keeping up with my ministry and for praying for me and everything I’m doing. I can’t express enough how much I appreciate the support. Thank you!

In Christ,

Joey Thurston


  1. Joey, I'm so proud of the fine work you are doing in the name of Jesus especially in these turbulent times where God is being cast out, it is so hard to witness. But you and your groups are a refreshing reminder that at least some of our youth are on the right path. I am praying that the Lord will continue to bless you and those who are in your service. Thanks for keeping in your communications. Love from your GrandUncle -- just made that up....


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